The Hereford Wargames Club

The Hereford Wargames Club (formerly the Spread Eagle Wargames Society) meet weekly at the Swan Inn, 171 Aylestone Hill, Hereford HR1 1JJ, on Tuesday evenings, from around 7pm.

Fire & Fury – Confederates attacking at Gaines Mill

We are a friendly, informal crowd who play a wide variety of land, naval, and aerial figure games, and board games, covering all periods and scales.

Very British Civil War – Anglican League volunteers
Very British Civil War – Anglican League volunteers

Recent games have included WWII ( Bolt Action, Flames of War), American Civil War (Fire & Fury), Fantasy/Sci-fi (Warhammer , 40k ,Infinity,.Bloodbowl), Ancients and Dark Ages (Saga, DBM), Very British Civil War, Pandemic.

Flames of War – Hungarians dig in against advancing Russians

We also organise larger all-day games from time to time.
All over 18’s are welcome to come along and play. An added benefit is that the pub serves good food and drink !

Wings of War – Spitfires and Me109’s clash

If you wish to find out more, feel free to contact Craig or Liam at The Swan Inn, tel. 01432-275234