NSPCC Board Game Day at The Dell House in Malvern.

A new event has been added to the gaming calendar – an NSPCC Board Game Day at The Dell House in Malvern.

From the Facebook page:-

On the actual NSPCC event day, i.e. Friday the 27th May we’re having an ad-hoc games session in the afternoon and evening here at the Dell House. www.thedellhouse.co.uk

We weren’t going to do anything this year as we’re rather busy, however, Friday is a bit of a gap in the busyness and inspired by Ad’s event we thought we’d hold another (we did one last year too).
Gaming from 2pm until 9:30. An overnight stay is an option (we are a B&B after all). Rates for that would be £80 for a double, £60 for single, with £25 of each going to the NSPCC.

There’s a suggested £5 donation per person for the gaming session.
If you’ve seen a DellCon ad from the past you’ll know what we’re about – the library here is mostly eurogames but we’re open to everything. It would be useful to know if you might be coming so pop us an email on stay@thedellhouse.co.uk


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